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  1. Finding Yourself, Back Home

    Our Labor Market of the Future

    What is bringing these talented young people home to Baltimore County?  These bright and driven students may have spread out to NYC, Philly, DC and New England for college, but they were back working, living, playing in Baltimore County this summer. 

    Summer Interns Interviewed

    What was it that led them to pass up summer career experience opportunities from Wall Street to the Capital? 

    Will Anderson, Director of Baltimore County Economic and Workforce Development, sat down and asked them about their summer internships in Baltimore County and their futures.

    Their answers give us reasons to believe our region will be in very good hands as these young people build their own careers and drive our next generation economy.

    What’s going on that excites you here?

    Bella: “Connectivity. The county wraps around the city so you get the best of both worlds. I love being able to hike along Patapsco River and then be in the city in as little as 5 miles. And, there’s lots that can be done to strengthen that connection through transit, workforce and education. We are in a hub of non-profits, stellar colleges and major government entities where so much can and will be happening in the next 15 years. It’s an exciting frontier for any career in public policy or behavioral economics.”

    Nicole: “Although I’m studying Chemical Engineering while in school, when I’m home I love to get back to my roots in the theatre. This region has amazing community theaters like STAR Theater in Catonsville, the Dundalk Community Theater, UMBC theater group, not to mention access to the city’s Hippodrome, Everyman Theater, Center Stage and the new Chesapeake Shakespeare Theater.”

    Saché: “When you look around, Baltimore is growing. You see new businesses arising all the time with tons of opportunity in the field of business and information technology. Also, living in Towson has been great. So much is going on. There are more restaurants, a really nice movie theater just opened, and tons of places to shop around the Towson Campus. It’s also not far from home.”

    Sam: “Hands down it’s Ultimate Frisbee. I’ve been involved with the Central Maryland Ultimate Association over the years and both Baltimore County and City have amazing parks to play. One of my favorite spots is Benjamin Banneker Park.”

    Khala: “I like that it’s the best of both worlds. I like the County because it has great places to go like the mall, the movies, bowling. Then I like having the city to go to the Inner Harbor, the Gallery and some of the unique smaller stores. It’s great having both. Beyond that, when I’m away at college, I miss all of our great food!”

    How did your internship change you?

    Sam: “The lab for Physical Sciences at bwtech@UMBC put me in a working environment that could be intimidating at times, but well worth it. It really made me rethink my major in GIS. I’m going to put a greater focus on Economics and Math as I continue on to do research in grad school. If the opportunity presented itself, I’d like to work in the Baltimore region. I feel like it’s a good place to be as it continues growing.”

    Bella: “Now I’m sure. This summer made me realize I want to come back. I realize now that I’m much more interested in economics rather than straight-laced finance, like what you see on Wall Street. Community development and housing issues are something I can really be passionate about and there’s so much opportunity to make a difference here around Baltimore.”

    What do you want to contribute?

    Khala: “Ultimately I want to work with prisoners. I think I could make a real difference. Lots of people just want to forget about them, but in many cases it’s a good person just in a bad situation. Everyone has a soft spot you can bring out.”

    Sache: “Other than being successful for myself and my family, I want to give back to the community. Growing up in a really rural area, we lacked some of the technology and connectivity that’s so prevalent in contemporary education. I might not move back to my home town, but I can see myself going back and getting involved in bringing more technology to the schools – like iPads and laptops. We need to promote these things early on in our children’s education so they don’t leave and fall into a culture shock.”

    Dionna: “I too would like to get involved with the schools. A great example is the Bring Your Code to School Program. This is a program designed to introduce kids to coding throughout the region. My cousin was on a local robotics team and he’s doing amazing things volunteering with that program.”

    About the Interns

    Nicole Dantoni
    College: Widener University, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

    Major: Chemical Engineering
    Home: Catonsville, Baltimore County
    Internship: STAR Theater in Catonsville

    Sam Besse
    College: University of Maryland, College Park

    Major: Economics and Geographic Information
    Home: Relay, Baltimore County
    Internship: The lab for Physical Sciences at bwtech@UMBC

    Saché Bond       
    College: Towson University, Baltimore County

    Major: Information Systems with a minor in Business
    Home: St. Mary’s County
    Internship: Baltimore County Office of Budget and Finance

    Khala Evans-Addison
    College: Johnson & Wales, Providence Rhode Island

    Major: Counseling Psychology 
    Home: Owings Mills, Baltimore County
    Internship: Baltimore County Office of Budget and Finance

    Dionna Fair-Latta
    College: UMBC, Baltimore County

    Major: Business Technology
    Home: Baltimore City
    Internship: Baltimore County Office of Budget and Finance

    Bella Willeboordse
    College: New York University, NY

    Major: Economics and Public Policy
    Home: Catonsville, Baltimore County
    Internship: Baltimore County Department of Workforce and Economic Development

    Interview by Will Anderson,
    Baltimore County Director of Economic and Workforce Development

    Thu, 03 Sep 2015 19:50:00 GMT
  2. County Website Earns Second Place Among U.S. Counties

    Fourth Time Website is Honored by Prestigious “Best of the Web” Competition

    County Executive Kevin Kamenetz announced that Baltimore County’s website took second place honors in the prestigious “Best of the Web” competition hosted by the top national research and advisory institute on information technology for state and local government.

    This high ranking marks the fourth time in a row that the County’s website was honored by the Center for Digital Government and Digital Communities Program.

    Office of Information Technology Team

    “Earning such a high rank in this national award program is very gratifying because we are focusing so much of our energy on applying the latest technology to help solve real-world issues for our residents, businesses and everyone who relies on County government services,” said Kamenetz. “It is really a huge compliment to our talented Office of Information Technology team, especially when you consider that they do most of our website design and development themselves — not costly outside vendors.”

    “Congratulations to the whole Information Technology staff on this excellent achievement. It’s even more impressive given that only one other county on the entire East Coast made it to the finalist round at all,” said County Council Chair Cathy Bevins.

    Factors Considered

    The Best of Web program considers a long list of factors in evaluating county websites, including elements such as eCommerce capability, designing to accommodate mobile devices, an intuitive search function, transparency and integration of social media.

    Thu, 03 Sep 2015 16:17:00 GMT
  3. Latest Edition of “Hello Baltimore County” Public Affairs TV Show Now Airing

    Show Airs on BCTV - Cable Channel 25 and Online

    The September edition of Baltimore County’s half-hour cable television public affairs show, “Hello Baltimore County,” highlights Flu facts, homeless services and emergency preparedness.

    Homeless Services – Hear about the County’s 10-Year Plan to Reduce and Prevent Homelessness.

    Get the Flu FACTS – Baltimore County’s Director of Health and Human Services, Dr. Gregory Branch, tells why everyone should get the flu vaccine.

    Be Prepared! September is National Preparedness Month, and a great time to review your family’s emergency plan.

    Watch "Hello Baltimore County" now.

    In addition to online access, the program runs several times per week on Cable Channel 25, in Baltimore County, at the following times:

    • Mondays: 1:30 p.m., 6 p.m.
    • Tuesdays: 12 p.m., 9 p.m.
    • Wednesdays: 11 a.m., 4 p.m., 10 p.m.
    • Thursdays: 1 p.m., 8 p.m.
    • Fridays: 11 a.m., 6 p.m.
    • Saturdays: 10 a.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m.
    • Sundays: 10 a.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m.
    Tue, 01 Sep 2015 15:58:00 GMT
  4. Kamenetz Issues Statement on Passing of Governor Marvin Mandel

    Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz Issued the Following Statement:

    "The State of Maryland lost a true gentleman yesterday with the passing of Governor Marvin Mandel. Like so many others, I was honored to call him both a friend and mentor.

    During his time as Governor, he reshaped government in Maryland as we had come to know it. Many of his reforms are still evident today. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Mandel family.”

    Mon, 31 Aug 2015 21:04:00 GMT
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