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Baltimore County News

Baltimore County News

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  1. County Offices, Facilities and Landfill Closed for Thanksgiving

    Baltimore County government offices and the District and Circuit Courts will be closed on Thursday, November 27, in recognition of the Thanksgiving holiday.
    Mon, 24 Nov 2014 18:18:48 GMT
  2. Know Your Status: Additional HIV Testing Clinics Held

    The Baltimore County Department of Health will hold five, free HIV testing clinics in recognition of World AIDS Day.
    Mon, 24 Nov 2014 14:33:33 GMT
  3. National Adoption Day on November 22 Highlights Need for Foster Parents

    National Adoption Day is November 22, and 12 children in the Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services’ foster care program will find permanent homes in an adoption ceremony at the Old Courthouse in Towson.
    Thu, 20 Nov 2014 13:29:30 GMT

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Baltimore County Now

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  1. Prepare Right, Cook Right and Eat Well This Thanksgiving Holiday

    William A. Bridges, Environmental Health Specialist
    Baltimore County Department of Health
    Environmental Health Services

    Parties, family dinners, and other gatherings where food is served are all part of the holiday cheer. But the merriment can change to misery if food makes you or others ill. Use the following seven tips to make your holiday a safe one.

    1.     Are you thawing correctly?
    Thawing the turkey or any meat product on the counter might seem easier, but it’s not safe. Thaw your turkey in the refrigerator, in cold running water or in the microwave continuing with the cooking process.

    2.     Got a thermometer?

    No matter how good it looks, you can only tell if a whole turkey is safely cooked when the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F. Always use a food thermometer. Food is safely cooked when it reaches a high enough internal temperature to kill harmful bacteria.

    3.     Should you dress it?
    Whether it is cooked inside or outside the bird, all stuffing and dressing must be cooked to a minimum temperature of 165ºF. For optimum safety, cooking your stuffing in a casserole dish outside of the bird is recommended. To avoid harmful bacteria growth, never stuff your turkey the night before.

    4.     Can you leave it out?

    As tempting as it is to leave out for all to admire, your pumpkin pie contains milk and eggs, so first bake it to the safe minimum temperature of 160 degrees F., then refrigerate after baking.

    5.     Wanna taste?

    Using the same spoon for stirring and tasting is bad manners and oh yeah, it can spread bacteria and viruses.

    6.     Did you use soap and water?

    Wash hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds before and after handling food and after using the bathroom, changing diapers, or handling pets.

    7.     More leftovers than usual?

    ·        Refrigerate leftovers in shallow containers within 2 hours of cooking.

    ·        Use leftover foods within 3-4 days or freeze.

    ·        Reheat leftovers thoroughly to 165 degrees F. 

    Here’s hoping you and yours have a happy, healthy and delicious holiday meal. For more information on holiday food, travel and pet safety, visit

    Mon, 24 Nov 2014 20:50:00 GMT
  2. Celebrate the caregivers in your life!

    Michelle Marseilles Bruns
    Manager, Caregiver Program
    Baltimore County Department of Aging

    No doubt you know a family caregiver because there are thousands of them across our region. They are the sons, daughters-in-law, spouses, adult grandchildren, neighbors and close friends who are providing care and support to seniors in our community. They do this out of a concern for the safety and well-being of their loved one. It is a labor of love.

    November is National Family Caregivers Month. It is a designated time each year to recognize the countless hours that families provide, without financial compensation, to keep seniors at home as independently as possible. In recognition of this occasion, why not give the gift of your time to offer to the family caregiver so they may take a short break from their caregiving tasks. Offer to visit with their loved one, while they go out for some “time off.”

    Currently, the Maryland Caregiver Support Coordinating Council has posted a Family Needs Survey that will be posted online through December 31. In order to get an accurate portrait of current caregiving needs statewide, caregivers can take the survey at  to answer questions about the care provided to loved ones, how caregiving has impacted their life and various needs as a family caregiver.

    Caring for a loved one can be stressful, but there are resources to help. Contact Maryland Access Point (MAP) of Baltimore County at 410-887-2594 for information and assistance related to older adults and persons with disabilities.

    Mon, 24 Nov 2014 20:44:00 GMT

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